As a copywriter, tell me, what do you love the most? Is it your pen? Is it your special working desk? Is it your new writing software? Come on … as copywriters, the thing we most love is WORDS, WORDS and WORDS !

They said pen is mightier than the sword – wrong! It should have been words instead. Not your pictures, not your videos – nothing works like a simple yet blasting ad sales slogan. Words are what motivates and persuades your readers or viewers to believe in what you have and do as you say. Words are what turn your prospects into customers. A good arsenal of words is definitely indispensable to a copywriter.

But while sometimes words come easy and you breeze through a whole 6-page company brochure, you will find it difficult to even create a coupon slogan at times! For this reason, it is always best to keep essential resources at hand, just in case.

The most basic resources to keep at hand are as follows:

1. A big, fat Oxford dictionary – The unabridged version is even better. It will not only give you the meaning of the word that you are looking for, but also its origin and common uses.

2. A good Thesaurus – One of best copywriter's tools is a thesaurus. To find the right word at the right time, and to make the writing powerful and simpler, you need a thesaurus.

3. A well-maintained almanac – Full of the latest news and gossips, essential diographic stats and interesting records on cultures worldwide, an almanac can save your day and help you create that awesome report at times.

4. A quotation book – Well, when you are in the copywriting business, you got to use quotes! It makes your writing much more powerful and compelling. And thus, keeping a handbook full of all-time great quotes is a MUST.

5. A HUGE swipe file – Filled with all the best copywriting ads, copies, letters, tiplates, headlines, strategies, quotations and scripts, your swipe file is the ultimate tool in your copywriting business arsenal. But the probli with the beginner copywriters is that they don’t know how to prepare this huge collection of works of the great copywriters of all time. Jason Hart makes your life easy. Check below! Just remember, if you have command over language, you will have command over your people. Go get it, tiger!

Source by Ron C.