If you’ve not heard of a game involving indoor helicopters and lasers then you’re missing out on a new craze that’s been sweeping the UK. Sky Challenger helicopters are appealing to people of all ages.

Let’s take a closer look at how they work. When you buy a Sky Challenger helicopter set you receive two micro helicopters and two control pads.

The connection between the controllers and the helicopters is wireless, meaning that the whole system is radio controlled.

The controllers are powered using batteries, while the helicopters are recharged by plugging them into the controllers. The typical charging time is around 20 minutes, which gives you 10 minutes of flying time.

Once they’re charged, you and a friend can have great fun enjoying flying the machines in your own home. It’s great to watch them soar into the air and corner sharply.

The best bit is still to come though! There are plenty of remote controlled toys and games on the market but the Sky Challenger set has an important difference to many others.

You’ll find that the choppers are armed! That’s right – each of the helicopters has a laser gun that can be used to shoot at your opponent. You can use the gun to stun the other helicopter, causing it to lose control and start falling towards the ground.

If the person using the other controller is quick then they may be able to retrieve the situation. If not, you can enjoy watching their machine crashing!

Luckily, the Sky Challenger helicopter set is very robust, meaning that it’s difficult to do any real damage.

Buy them online from a range of UK stockists and you are sure to have hours of fun.