Michel Fortin is known to be as “The Copy Doctor”. Why so? It is because he is regarded as one of the greatest direct response copywriters in the world of Internet marketing today. Michel Fortin is the man behind that sales letter that had generated more than one million dollars of sales within 24 hours for the product of John Reese known as the “Traffic Secrets”. Aside from John Reese, there are also other big names that are clients to Michel Fortin. The names include Stephen Pierce, Jay Abraham, John Reese and Armand Morin.

As a direct response copywriter for more than 15 years already, the experience of Michel Fortin is regarded to be extensive. He was able to help different companies from 200 countries all over the world with his products that have sold millions of dollars. A lot of people truly admired Michel Fortin as a brilliant copywriter. With just a few vibrant words, Michel Fortin can create vivid mental pictures through his style and ability. Michel Fortin can always write clear ad and persuasive kind of sales letter that any individual would read and pay attention to. His recently written sales letter just made him earned $1.08 million on the first day.

As an expert copywriter, Michel Fortin can turn non-profitable websites into profitable simply by creating excellent copied contents. Aside from copywriting tasks, Michel Fortin is also an expert in writing sales letter. He had written most of the well-known sales letter in the Internet marketing today. Maybe you have already read some of this sales letter or copywriting works.

Michel Fortin is not the type of online marketer that sells or offer products of training courses or eBooks. He prefers teaching his clients about his skills in copywriting via direct services or through video access. With his videos, Michel Fortin can show how he critiques and changes the copywriting tasks right before your very eyes. He also conducts teleseminars of copywriting skills. Some of his products include the Copy of Fire DVD and Copywriter’s Success Seminar.

Though Michel Fortin has the excellent copywriting skills, it did not happen that fast for him. He is still in need of developing his skills through his perseverance and burning desire of becoming the best copywriter in the world. In reality, Michel Fortin was born with a minor physical disability. Additionally, he was also emotionally abused by his father who was an alcoholic. But these did not stop him from becoming as one of the top five copywriters in the whole world.

Source by Joshua Valentine